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About us

Make their school dreams come true

We lay the foundations for trust and success, to stimulate children's individual potential.

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Our founders

Foster a passion for their dreams

At Douces Maternelles, we provide all the sources of educational inspiration, to individually welcome all children, offering them a suitable and inspiring universe.

We celebrate intelligence, on each occasion, to foster their autonomy, creativity, full expression, responsibility, self-confidence, listening to others and cooperation...

To do so, we believe that each of us play our part: from the beginning, our history is written collectively in a respectful co-education way, where parents and tutors, are involved to gather all the right ingredients to achieve their present and future success. May the dreams of children flourish, as well-nurtured individuals, they will evolve into enlightened and dedicated citizens of tomorrow.

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Anne-Laure Roussel & Valentine Lesaffre

Our values

Shaping the future, driven by strong values

Our educational project is based on key values daily shared, for children proper developments.

Value nº1

Respecting individuality, uniqueness, inclusivity

Considering a child as an individual give him the opportunity to assert himself, while learning coexistence. Each child receives adapted support based on their needs, strengths, challenges.

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Value nº2

Encouraging autonomy everyday

Children gain both skills and social abilities. Each child is guided to become autonomous and to make choices through Maria Montessori's motto: “Help me to do it by myself”. Child's abilities are fully respected to serenely find his way to autonomy.

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Value nº3

Building the trust bond

Believing in one’s abilities boosts inner security feelings and self-esteem, creating a constant and mutual bond of trust with others. In our schools, everyone makes sure of that, towards both with external individuals and internal members of our schools.

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Value nº4

Bringing kindness and wellness care

We give importance to all available spaces for children, their families and our teams. This results in reduced class sizes to provide safe spaces for children, and an optimal working environment for teachers.

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Value n°5

Fostering excellence

We are committed to closely tracking children's learning, particularly in all cognitive fields, in alignment with the National Education program. Our aim is to ensure the comprehensive acquisition of knowledge for their ongoing educational journey.

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Value n°6

Advocating for community living and eco-citizenship

We care about conveying community living while respecting each individual's culture, as well as respecting the nature. Everyday activities are chances to express diversity and raise awareness about the living world to lay the foundations of tomorrow's eco-citizen.

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Teaching team

Passionate and engaging teacher

Our educational team form our foundation for quality teaching based on respect, positive treatment and openness to others. The interdisciplinary team's approach enables a fresh perspective on daily situations.

Joins us

An open-minded team looking for talents

Being close to our teams to work with confidence, supporting our employees' opportunities, and empower them to be actors in the quality of service provided to families: these are Douces Maternelles values. We enjoy seeing our collaborators grow, and we offer essential benefits for their accomplishment and well-being.

Profiles required

We regularly look for French or English-speaking people driven by the desire to support children and their parents:

  • Schoolteacher
  • Montessori teacher
  • Teaching assistant/Childcare assistant
  • Early childhood educator
  • English-speaking teacher
  • Housekeeper
  • Support functions: HR, accounting and finance, project management and business development, maintenance department

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Do you share common values in our pedagogy? Do you want to opt for our educational project to your child? Let’s talk together!

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